10.08.2012 - 12:27

ABIERTA FINA by Cottelli Collection


ORION wholesales runs a new and exclusive lingerie label with sales starting in September 2012.

ABIERTA FINA is, as the name implies, a combination of deliciously FINE fabrics paired with the full OPENNESS given to the most intimate zones of a female body.  The line is an exclusive ORION in-house creation and covers 10 stunning pieces of deluxe lingerie, especially for women who like to single out their sexiness in a classy way. Doing ABIERTA FINA, the focus was on premium quality, not just for lingerie itself  but as well for the packaging of it - it comes wrapped with a paper strap and packed in an deluxe design box.

The ABIERTA FINA lingerie line will be exclusively available at ORION wholesales from September 2012. Contact: ORION wholesales, Hauke Christiansen, Phone 0461-5040 210, Fax 0461-5040 244, email: hchristiansen@orion.de