665 Inc. signed an exclusive European distribution agreement with DUSEDO

665 Inc., announced that it has signed an exclusive European distribution agreement with DUSEDO. 665 Inc. has been a pioneer in the design and manufacture of Neoprene and leather garments since 1997. Their most recent Neoprene line of bulldog harnesses, socks and pod suits feature unique designs coupled with exceptional, high quality craftsmanship at a reasonable price. These products have made waves in the U.S. and will now be available to European consumers exclusively through DUSEDO.
Additionally, 665’s extremely popular Sport Fucker branded products will be featured in new sleek and modern packaging that is sure to stand out on the shelf.
“The increased collaboration with DUSEDO comes at the perfect time for both companies,” said 665 Inc.’s President, Curtis Thompson. “It gives DUSEDO customers exclusive access to our innovative 2018 designs and packaging, while giving us the best possible distribution partner for the European market.”
DUSEDO’s relationship with 665 Inc. goes back many years, which has allowed for strong personal and professional bonds to develop between both companies. This collaboration creates communication and support that is seamless, and results in providing European retailers with quick and easy access to the entire 665 Inc. and Sport Fucker lines.
“By partnering with DUSEDO, 665 inc. has the comfort of a long term and professional partner in Europe to distribute their line,” says Dennis Jansen, General Manager at DUSEDO. “As a result, 665 and Sport Fucker will continue to expand their lines with even more imaginative and insanely popular products, thereby making our customers benefit the most from this intensified collaboration.”