Cobeco Pharma releases cremes and tabs to lift buttocks and breasts

Cobeco Pharma extended their range of body enhancing and lifting products with their new 3B Cosmetics collection. Many women on our globe do body exercises to keep their body in shape. Sometimes women would like to have some aid to give some parts of the body the extra push it needs to maintain and accentuate the required curves. According to Cobeco Pharma using 3B Cosmetics products could make women feel and see a difference on her body. 3B cosmetics is a range of products with special formulations for breast enhancing and buttocks lifting products.

  • Lift & Love Breast Enhancer Cream – 3B Cosmetics Lift & Love Breast Enhancer Cream is a cream that lifts and firms the breasts in a unique way.*
  • Shape & Show Buttocks Lifter Gel – 3B Cosmetics Shape & Show Buttocks Lifter Gel gives the buttocks and thighs a firmer shape. This unique gel strengthens and nourishes the skin. Helps with the prevention of cellulite.*
  • Lift & Love Breast Enhancer Tabs – 3B Cosmetics Lift & Love Breast Enhancer Tabs stimulate the growth of breast tissue. They support the breast muscle and lift the breasts in a natural way and provide them with more volume.*

Cobeco Pharma designed a packaging to appeal to women as well as men, making the products gifts for her; gifts she can buy herself or her partner can buy them for under the Christmas tree.

* According to manufacturer.

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