10 % discount on WARMup & 20 % discount on JOYDIVISION Toys

Especially in the cold season people long for some relaxation and love. The warming massage product WARMup with 10 % discount in combination with JOYDIVISION Toys 20 % discount could be the ideal gift to match the dark evenings. Thanks to the food-safe aromas, the tempting treats can also seduce the taste buds – completely calorie-free! The exquisite active ingredients of WARMup provide a pleasant warmth on the skin and the vibrations of the joysticks complete the experience. Light breathing reinforces the stimulating warmth effect of the liquid and ensures wonderful relaxation and the desire for more. Dermatological tests confirm the high quality of the products manufactured in Germany. Original JOYDIVISION WARMup is available in the delicious fragrances and flavors ‘Caramel’, ‘Vanilla’, ‘Strawberry’, ‘Cherry’, ‘Raspberry’, ‘Mango + Passion Fruit’ and ‘Green Apple’. The JOYDIVISION toys range from the XPANDER (proststatatoy), the Joyballs to the classic Silikomed rod vibrators.For all retailers it means: Fast access while stocks last. Simply direct the order to sales@JOYDIVISION.de. The offer for is valid for WARMup from November 1, 2020 to December 15, 2020 and for JOYDIVISION Toys from November 1, 2020 to January 31, 2021.