ST Rubber informs its customers about potential delays

ST Rubber has published an open letter about the current status of the company with regard to the Corona crisis. In it, the wholesaler describes that it has taken measures to continue normal business operations as far as possible. Below is a translation of the letter:

Dear business partners,
the Corona virus does not spare our industry.

As a result, it will unfortunately not be possible to avoid delays or even disruptions in the accustomed processes in the coming weeks.

The govermental regulations, which are certainly reasonable, will regulate how we will continue working together. We have taken additional internal measures to protect our employees.

These measures range from the distribution of disinfectants, to a two-shift system in the warehouse, to working from home where this is possible.

We are certain that we have done everything possible to maintain our business activities even in these difficult times.

Should problems be encountered despite our efforts, please get in touch with our representatives and they will do everything they can to help you. Together we will master this challenge!

Stay healthy!