Marketing power from SHOTS & Swiss Navy

As a part of their exclusive partnership, SHOTS and Swiss Navy are bundling their powers for a marketing strategy that is even better than it was before. That’s why they’ve come up with introduction bundles for new customers. Leroy Klunder, Swiss Navy brand ambassador at SHOTS explains: “The power of Swiss Navy is that once you try it, you’re sold and wouldn’t want anything else. So, that’s what we need to do. Let customers experience Swiss Navy’s quality.”

The bundles contain different size bottles, testers, sachets, shelves, promotional items and custom banners and all of this is for FREE! The whole range of Swiss products is covered in these bundles, from silicone to water-based, from toy cleaners to playful and desire lubes. 

Next to these free items, free brand training is available. Leroy will give these trainings for retail shops and their employees and tell them all about the products; how the products are composed, what they do and why they’re so special. In conclusion, anything retailers need to know in order to sell Swiss Navy products.

For more information, please contact Leroy via