25 years JOYDIVISION and every month an attractive discount campaign

In March retailers can look forward to Joyballs secret in violet-black. The stringless Joyballs are the most discreet love balls, they help to strengthen the vaginal muscles completely invisibly and whisper quietly. The return loop is worn inside the body and is designed so that the Joyballs secret are very easy to remove. Another special feature is the trampoline effect, which provides a more efficient stimulation with its special vibration of the inner ball. The unique love balls are made of Silikomed, a material developed by JOYDIVISION which is particularly body-friendly and hypoallergenic, easy to clean and can also be used with all lubricants! The material is guaranteed for 5 years and is dermatologically and clinically tested. For all retailers it means now again: Access while stocks last. Simply send your order to sales@JOYDIVISION.de. Further attractive promotions will follow monthly.