Screenshot of Shunga Product Video

Four new Shunga videos for 2016

Shunga has released four new product videos for the products Rain of Love, Lovebath, Aphrodisiac Warming Oil and Kissable Massage Creams in 2016. These additions follow the ones the company made one year ago for Dragon Cream, Secret Garden gel, the massage candles and for the Divine Oral Pleasure Gloss. They are presently available in English and French and subtitled in Spanish, Russian and German.

“It’s the same creative approach and informative objective. It’s a “How-to-use-our-product” type of video. It’s advertising but with an entertaining-informative-educational aspect.” says Jean-Pierre Hamelin, Director of Marketing for Shunga Erotic Art.

The videos can be used on websites, social media, in stores (for TV or computer if available), at home parties, through employee training, etc. A different ambiance was created to represent each product. Jean-Pierre continues: “One of our objectives is to create classy videos that can be shown every where for an adult audience. It’s tough to explain an erotic product and not being to explicit. We think we succeeded and they’re unique to Shunga. You’ll never see something like this. Each of the four video has its own music and color. “

“Like all our products, these videos were created entirely in Montreal by local artists,” Says Sylvain Séguin, President. Shunga will be pleased to show them also at the eroFame 2016 at booth #79.

These videos can be viewed and linked back to your website with Vimeo or Youtube on the following link: