Adulttoymegastore puts the ‘O’ in flow with new collaboration with AWWA period care

Adulttoymegastore, New Zealand’s largest online adult retailer, has partnered with New Zealand period underwear company, AWWA, to launch a progressive new campaign that aims to break the stigma around period sex and masturbation by raising awareness of the benefits sexual pleasure can have while menstruating. 

From Monday 25th to Sunday 31st October, AWWA will be offering a complimentary Share Satisfaction ‘bullet’ vibrator with every purchase of AWWA period underwear, opening up the pathways to pleasure at any time of the month. Throughout the week the businesses will be stimulating conversations and sharing information about period sex and masturbation. 

Commenting on the campaign, Adulttoymegastore sex educator Emma Hewitt, said: “We are proud to be partnering with AWWA to help break the stigma around period sex and masturbation by hopefully inspiring and empowering people to explore and connect with their bodies at any time of the month. It’s healthy to explore sexual pleasure whilst menstruating, whatever that may look like for people, and it can many benefits including alleviating cramps, headaches and releasing feel-good hormones like oxytocin and endorphins, so not only does it feel great, but it has physiological benefits, too.”

Michele Wilson, AWWA CEO and co-founder, said:  “Period blood is not something to be whakaama (ashamed) about, it’s something that happens to half the population every month and is completely natural. At AWWA our mission is to make every person who menstruates to feel empowered to connect with their cycle, sex during your period can be really fufilling. People who menstruate will be familiar with those niggly PMS cramps, and feeling up and down – having sex or giving yourself sexual pleasure on your ikura is really beneficial for both your body and mind. We wanted to shed some light on this topic and to give the gift of sexual pleasure to our AWWA supporters with vibrators from our friends at Adulttoymegastore.”

Both AWWA and Adulttoymegastore are advocates of sexual health and wellness; AWWA has a regular blog and podcast platform where many discussions are had about period wellness and education. Emma Hewitt is Adulttoymegastore’s sex educator and host of sex-positive podcast Electric Rodeo which regularly features many kinds of sexual wellness topics. 

The gift with purchase offer will run from Monday 25th to Sunday 31st October and is strictly an R18 campaign. Those of age will need to consent to receiving a bullet vibrator with their order and verify their age. AWWA and Adulttoymegastore have ensured that the adult toys will be discreetly packaged in a bag within the AWWA underwear order.