Amor Oral debuts unique flavored lubricant line

Newcomer adult brand Amor Oral is making their pleasure industry debut with a line of edible lubricants for taste connoisseurs.

With never-before-seen flavors like Peanut Butter, Fruit Punch, and Egg Nog, this sensual edibles brand leads with a simple focus: creating incredible new ways for everyone to enjoy oral sex.

According to company founder Sean Johnson, Amor Oral lubricants are gentle enough for those with health sensitives and proudly made in the United States in accordance with strict manufacturing standards.

“Our passion at Amor Oral is combining quality lubricants with great flavors to make good sex great,” says Mr. Johnson. “Made with only food grade ingredients for the best experience possible with these ultra-liquidy lubes, our products are body-safe, pH Neutral and water-based.”

Based in Houston, Texas, Amor Oral promises to excite and entice the taste buds for an intimate sensory experience like never before.

“Our uniqueness is in variety: simple quality lubricants with great flavors,” says Mr. Johnson. “There is a flavor for everyone, and if you can’t find your favorite flavor yet, you will soon. We are expanding our flavor offerings each month.”

In addition to the brand’s diversity of flavor experiences, Amor Oral lubricants promise only the best body-safe, pH-neutral formulas.

The entire product line is free of parabens, a potentially cancer-causing preservative. All ingredients used in Amor Oral Personal Lubricant products are also 100% food-grade. Most importantly, these ingredients contain less than 0.1% bacteria, as compared to up to 30% bacteria in cosmetic grade ingredients.

Now the brand is gearing up to make their debut to the sexual wellness industry at SEX Expo, the United States’ leading consumer event for sexual health and pleasure awareness, held in New York City.

“Amor Oral is growing into a leader in flavored lubes, already with 50+ flavors and expanding with more flavors each month,” says Mr. Johnson. “We are hoping to use the Sex Expo as a launching pad, to find new distributors, retailers, influencers and affiliates that would like to start working with us.”

Sean Johnson says SEX Expo’s broad market reach and trade opportunities lead him to choose the September show in New York as the perfect grounds to launch Amor Oral to the public.

“As the founder and director of this disabled-veteran owned business, I look forward to meeting expo attendees and teaching potential customers about our variety of flavors,” he says. “We will be showing off a lot of our leading flavors and some of our newest launches.”

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