Amorelie celebrates pjur Go for Gold Oktoberfest

Wheat beer, pretzels, hats, aprons and any amount of other Bavarian specialties decorated Amorelie’s offices at the weekend. The online retailer from Berlin won the most recent Go for Gold party in the pjur group b2b competition: “The party was brilliant! Many thanks to pjur for the great party package that transformed our office space into a Bavarian festival tent and provided a great party venue until late into the night”, said Johanna Rief, PR Manager for Amorelie.

“We are glad that Amorelie had such a lovely party”, says Elisabeth Dahmen, PR Manager for pjur. “For us, organizing the competition over the entire year and on three different continents was a big logistical and legal effort. But these photos and great feedback like this lets us know that it was all more than worth it.”

The occasion for the raffling of the party packages is the pjur company anniversary. Over the entire year, the company has raffled 20 gram gold bars among end customers, and party packages among its b2b customers. The last draw took place on 8th December in Europe, the USA and Australia. You can access your final chance to participate at and