Andre Visser joins Dildos Assorted as Global Sales Director

Dildos Assorted is pleased to welcome Andre Visser as a new team member. As of September 1st, he will be responsible for the Spanish distribution company’s worldwide sales activities and new business development as Global Sales Director.

Asked why Visser joined Dildos Assorted, he says: “I have known Louise and Isaac, the owners of Dildos Assorted, for 20 years and I appreciate the family atmosphere in their company. They told me that they want to expand their business in Europe and beyond and that sounded like the perfect challenge because that’s exactly what I like to do – build something from the ground up and lead it to success.” Andre’s job will be to achieve growth in all market territories and make the world aware of the brands that Dildos Assorted offers, such as S Pleasures, Femme Republic and Liebe. “All of these brands have already achieved very good results in Spain, so it is time to introduce them to the rest of the world. The good thing is that we already have all the products in stock and ready to ship! We will start with XBIZ Europe in September and I look forward to seeing many market participants again in the coming months to present our brands to them,” he says, looking ahead.

Andre has had a long and highly successful career in the industry. In addition to his sales skills, leadership abilities, industry knowledge and global network, he has been instrumental in building and leading companies to success. He took his first steps in the industry 25 years ago at Forum Entertainment, an adult film distribution company. He then joined Playhouse to continue working in the film business until the company made a turnaround in 2007 and became a sex toy company. When Playhouse was later acquired by Scala, Andre was appointed as Sales Manager, and was responsible for the Benelux and Russian markets. Together with Walter Kroes they established the Leg Avenue brand in Europe. During all these years, a close customer relationship existed between Andre and Eric Idema. When the latter had the idea to start a wholesale business, he brought Andre in. “After seven great years at EDC Wholesale (now ONE-DC) and building something that started small into something big and successful, it was time for me to leave and look for a new challenge,” Andre says, “In Holland, we say when your baby has legs, it’s time to let it go. That’s exactly what I did. I would like to take this opportunity to say a special thank you to Eric Idema, my team and all my old colleagues for the great time we spent together and the results we achieved! It’s been an incredible journey!” He is even more excited to continue his already very long career in the industry. “Many of my colleagues and customers have become friends over the years. As a result, the working atmosphere is a very special one and I also like the no-nonsense mentality of our industry,” he says. “In my work I have always followed the principles of ‘what you see is what you get’ and ‘let’s make the best of it together’. It’s never a 9 to 5 job but that’s what I like… the job is done when it’s done, no limits. Work hard, play hard!”

Louise Holmgren and Isaac Fargas, owners of Dildos Assorted, founded in 1996, are pleased to have secured Andre Visser’s experience and expertise. “We are very happy to have Andre on board with his know-how and wealth of experience. We are very much looking forward to a close and successful collaboration with him.”

Andre can be reached by phone at +31629506505 and by email at