Aneros now shipping Eupho Syn Trident

Aneros has just released Eupho Syn Trident, an innovative new prostate massager that joins the award winning Trident series. With September being National Prostate Health Month, it’s the perfect time for a new prostate massager.
“Joining our recently released Helix Syn Trident, this new device is a remarkable addition to our collection of innovative prostate massagers that work with the body’s natural contractions for an immensely pleasurable experience,” said Brent Aldon, director of sales and marketing for Aneros. “We are really proud of our progress and hope fans of the original Eupho Trident love its latest incarnation.”
Introduced in 2013, the Eupho was quickly recognized by experienced users as the ‘Ultimate Aneros’ for its ability to produce complex sensations with maximum responsiveness and comfort. Now integrated with the newest Trident innovations and a luxurious velvet touch silicone, the Eupho Syn Trident’s specially balanced curves provide even more precise control and increased mobility for experienced solo users. Its smaller profile is also perfect for those new to prostate play combining the utmost comfort with freedom of movement during sexual intercourse for longer, more powerful orgasms.