Packaga of pink pills next to a box of blue pills

Angels Sales & Marketing announced 300% increase in sales of herbal supplements

Angels Sales & Marketing, who have over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing and marketing of nutraceuticals in the UK and across Europe, reported that their sales of herbal supplements have increased by 300% in recent times. All their products are produced in the UK and, according to the company, are marketed with compliance and herbal supplement regulations in mind.

Deborah Robinson, CEO, has seen a significant movement in the market: “We work with clients to develop their own brand or use an off-the-shelf solution. Our recent listings with major retail chains have seen a threefold sales increase. Our unique approach is to recognise that brands and popular ingredients in this area are changing all the time. We help our clients to innovative and refresh their offering using distinctive packaging and strong branding. Sexual health and wellness products such as condoms and lubes are now a major sector and our range compliments this area perfectly.”

The company said that products for women are becoming increasingly successful and that one of the fastest growing versions is a Pink pill edition. Since the pills are sold in outlets of many other industry sectors, Deborah Robinson concludes: “Our supplements for sexual enhancement have been fully accepted by the consumer, they look for them and want to have some fun. This product area really has made the transition form backstreet to high street and our clients’ sales successes prove this.”