AQUAglide available in August with discounts of up to 20

Original AQUAglide is known as one of the most popular brands for intimate care and sexual wellness. With AQUAglide, long-time users associate crystal-clear, pleasantly sensitive and extremely skin-friendly quality. For AQUAglide in the neutral version, retailers receive a 10% discount, for the AQUAglide liquid, anal, 2in1, Massage + Glide, Stimulation Gel and all fruits 15% discount and for the AQUAglide Intimate Shaving & Aftershave Cream a full 20% discount.

The odourless medical lubricant is perfect for an especially long love play. The long-term gliding properties of the high-quality gel provide optimum moisture during intimate intercourse and users even report a “feeling of the extra class”. The consistency of AQUAglide, adapted to the customer’s needs, surprises with its handling that promotes lovemaking. And should something go wrong, no problem, AQUAglide leaves no stains.

The “bestsellers” produced in Germany are water-soluble, fat-free and suitable for condoms. Dermatological tests guarantee a high skin-friendliness. AQUAglide is especially suitable for sensitive persons. 

The neutral AQUAglide is also the first choice for oral sex thanks to its tasteless formula. For those who prefer taste AQUAglide is also available in the flavours strawberry, cherry, exotic, raspberry and vanilla. 

AQUAglide is available in a wide variety of packaging units and also as anal and liquid versions to meet the most diverse requirements for use: from individual portion packs for on the road to bulk packaging with one litre content in a practical pump dispenser. The classic user can choose between a tube with 50 ml or 200 ml content or a pump dispenser in 125 ml or 75 ml.

AQUAglide “2 in 1” and AQUAglide Massage + Glide (also as lemongrass) combine effective intimate lubrication with stimulating massages. The medical lubricants and massage products are perfect for use on the whole body. The long-term gliding properties of the high-quality gels ensure optimal moisture during intimate intercourse. In addition, the innovative combination products enable detailed gliding massage units.

For all women who love intensive feelings, the JOYDIVISION international AG has developed the AQUAglide stimulation gel for HER. The water-soluble gel with silky texture increases the sensation of pleasure and intensifies the orgasm. The selected ingredients promote the blood circulation in the intimate area of the woman and the resulting stimulation has a particularly sensual effect when applied externally. 

The sensitive AQUAglide Intimate Shaving & Aftershave Cream from JOYDIVISION ensures a gentle shaving result thanks to the latest antibacterial active ingredients and particularly gentle formula. The anti-irritation complex of panthenol, liquorice extract and bisabolol soothes the skin in the intimate area, hyaluronic acid moisturises and supports the natural regeneration of the skin. 

AQUAglide Intimate Shaving & Aftershave Cream cares and soothes during and after shaving. The unique moisturizing AQUAglide combination product replaces shaving foam and aftershave product and is also suitable for full body application. Furthermore, the AQUAglide Intimate Shaving & Aftershave Cream contains a deodorant active ingredient which prevents the multiplication of odour-causing bacteria.