Archer Bowchair announces 60 Days Money-Back guarantee

KazDezines, the creative team behind the Archer Bowchair, has announced a money-back guarantee for both retail and end-consumer buyers of their line of functional furniture.

Launched last January at the 2018 AVN expo in Las Vegas, the Archer Bowchair is a handcrafted, luxury lounge chair that doubles as a rebounding sexual enhancement tool, thanks to a flexible frame and twin carbon fiber springs. Couples can use the chair as a positioning aid to explore new sensual possibilities while the leaf springs take the annoyance of gravity out of the equation.

“We want to strengthen the bonds between couples through communication and stimulation,” says Lisa Kaczmarek, co-founder of KazDezines. “Relationships and our sex lives are affected by everyday stressors, and deciding to bring a Bowchair into your life shouldn’t be one of them. For this reason, we’ve introduced a 60-day money-back guarantee that allows couples to bounce around on an Archer Bowchair for over 8 weeks. If the Archer misses the mark, you can send it back for a stress-free full refund.”

The Bowchair can also help overcome common barriers to intimacy, like conditions affecting the pelvic floor, painful sex, mobility limiting conditions, stress and performance anxiety. “Stress on the joints and muscles are reduced by 60%,” explains Kaczmarek. “Without the risk of fatigue, and with less demands on the cardiovascular system, adult couples of any age can last longer and try normally uncomfortable or otherwise impossible positions.” The return process is simple for consumers and wholesalers alike. “Once your Bowchair arrives, you have an entire 60 days to discover our unique product together with your partner,” says Kaczmarek. “If during that time you don’t experience deeper intimacy and enjoy sex together more, return it and we’ll refund the original purchase price.” For retailers, KazDezines offers a full refund on wholesale pricing for returns on third party sales. To learn more about Better Sex in 60 Days, click here for details

KazDezines’ boutique brand of sex chairs, including the newly-unveiled Archer Mark II in sleek aluminum or stainless steel, were created to blend seamlessly with high-end living spaces – and inspire a little action once guests have left. “The Bowchair is meant to be a beautiful addition to your décor,” remarks Kaczmarek. “It’s elegant and comfortable, but when company leaves, you’ll be beckoned by it’s sleek curves and thoughtful design.” The Archer Bowchair team also offers special product packages to lifestyle resorts, cruises, and boutique hotels that includes logo or brand name options, customizations to match unique room interiors, additional safety features, and friendly customer support.An all-weather outdoor version is also available for those seeking excitement in outdoor or wet spaces, such as poolside or a Roman shower. “We believe the Bowchair gives users a tool that will better their sexual health and improve communication, therefore building trust and increasing intimacy – a connection that naturally leads to a more fulfilling relationship and/or sex life,” says Kaczmarek.

The Archer Bowchair is manufactured in the US, with many of the chair’s components handcrafted at KazDezines headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.