Are you ready for Black Friday?

Each year, Black Friday takes place the Friday after Thanksgiving. Its origin can be found in Philadelphia in the 1960’s. It was the name policemen gave to the crowded streets the day after Thanksgiving. A decade later, the meaning evolved to not only the busiest traffic day, but also the busiest shopping day. And the latter is the one we know now in the 21stcentury.

The explanation of the crowded shopping streets is simple: after Thanksgiving, Christmas shopping season begins. Later in the 1980’s retailers hopped onto this trend by giving huge discounts, causing an even bigger crowd. The trend has moved its way from the United States to Europe in the last few years. 

Retailers can’t hide from the Black Friday craze which takes place on November 26 this year. But how to prepare stores for this day? “First of all, make sure your stock is fully packed! You don’t want your customers to face empty shelves”, SHOTS answers. “Next to this, you need to have great discounts. But how do you give those without losing your own profit? Buying your products for a good price. That’s why SHOTS as a distributor has started its Black Friday Deals since October 1st. A wide range of 650 products are on sale, with discounts ranging from 60 up till 90%. This means that you can purchase your products for a cheap price, and still sell them with the necessary discount.”

At SHOTS’ website you can find a button that says ‘Black Friday Deals’. Make sure you buy your items on time, because the stock is running empty! Clients can also contact their account manager for more information on these deals.