Autoblow A.I. launches to public with “How It’s Made” short documentary

After almost a year of crowdfunding pre-sales, Autoblow A.I., the first device that uses artificial intelligence to replicate human sexual acts, is available to the public on A global funding effort by more than 5500 men in 64 countries raised $755,000 to aid in its creation, breaking the previous male sex toy crowdfunding record (for the Autoblow 2) by more than $350,000.

Brian Sloan, the sex toy inventor behind the product, produced a short documentary that takes viewers on a journey to Serbia to meet the team that had to watch and annotate 1000 hours of blowjob videos and to Canada to meet the artificial intelligence scientist who used machine learning to discover movements that are the 16 building blocks of blowjobs.

The Autoblow A.I. uses a microcontroller in combination with an I.R. beam sensor and magnetic field sensors to control a gripper that manipulates a silicone sleeve between any of 250 different points along a 5-inch-long stroking plane to deliver a variety of human-like movements to the user’s penis. This cartoon explains how the Autoblow works.

Autoblow inventor Brian Sloan, said, “Twelve years ago when I sold my first Autoblow, most men were still masturbating into unhygienic rubber butts jammed into cheap plastic tubes. That shocked and inspired me into dedicating myself to inventing devices that elevate my fellow man’s solo-sexual experience into one that feels real and creates deeper enjoyment and post-orgasm satisfaction. I’m proud to own the first sex toy company that applied the power of artificial intelligence to solve this important challenge.”