b-Vibe launches ‘Anal Academy’ as hub for backdoor sex-ed

Just in time for Anal August, b-Vibe.com will unveil its ‘Anal Academy,’ a new section on b-Vibe.com that’s jam-packed full of information and resources from educators and creators to bring know-how and pleasure to the people.

b-Vibe’s Anal Academy Educational Resources cater to visual, auditory, and reading learners featuring content in video, audio, and written word format.

Highlights of the new Anal Academy include an extensive ‘Booty Blog’, with over 75 educational articles, all written by sex educators on a variety of topics related to anal play prep, hygiene, stimulation techniques, and more. b-Vibe offers complete guides to everything related to anal, with well-rounded education that’s suitable for students of all skill levels to confidently enter the world of Butt Stuff.

b-Vibe’s Anal Academy also offers a new Encyclopedia Buttannica — a glossary of terms related to the booty. As well, the ‘The Plug Podcast,’ hosted by Luna Matatas takes anal sex to an even deeper level with interviews from leading sex experts.

Useful anal play info, tips, and tricks available from the Anal Academy also include the ‘Butt Stuff Basics’ video series that features b-Vibe’s faculty of renowned sex educators and experts answering questions about anal sex’s most common myths. b-Vibe’s Anal Academy also provides archived ‘Seducing the Butt’ workshops teaching viewers how to expand their anal knowledge with tips and techniques for sexual confidence, erotic creativity, and hotter butt stuff.

The latest educational offering from b-Vibe arrives as the brand celebrates its fifth anniversary. For half a decade, b-Vibe has stayed true to its mission of illuminating the subject of anal pleasure, making information available to all. The new Anal Academy arrives in time to commemorate Anal August with useful resources and information that normalizes and celebrates anal pleasure.

“We feel that sex education is a lifelong journey that can raise a lot of questions,” COTR founder and CEO Alicia Sinclair Rosen said. “b-Vibe’s Anal Academy aims to foster an approachable learning environment for anal play newbies, as well as anal aficionados of all experience levels. Our new anal academy offers a wealth of information and resources to empower every booty.”

Explore b-Vibe’s Anal Academy by visiting https://www.bvibe.com/anal-academy/