b-Vibe retail displays

B-Vibe releases new merchandising and marketing tools

B-Vibe currently offers a wide range of materials for creating a fun, sexy and approachable area within the anal toys section of a store. Company director Alicia Sinclair brings her 10 plus years of professional experience to b-Vibe’s marketing initiative with merchandising tools and promotional material. “The goal is to create a warm and welcoming, sexy and cool ambiance to the anal section of a retail store,” Sinclair said. “By offering a premium product that’s fun and sexy, it normalizes its use and encourages shoppers to buy.”

B-Vibe offers an in-store display that catches the eye with a cheeky “bum” shape and a tester that enables the customer to see first-hand how the toy works. “Seeing and touching a tester immediately excites the shopper,” Sinclair said. “The tester allows the customer to touch and feel the softness of the material and the strength of the motors before they buy it.” b-Vibe’s displays feature anti-theft components that keep the product and remote control safe.

Sinclair encourages retailers to take advantage of the wealth of marketing materials that b-Vibe offers, including planograms, signage, videos and product photos. Among b-Vibe’s merchandising tools are shelf talkers that establishes branding within the section. The company also offers a set of freestanding easel signs that explains the functions of the rimming plug and anal play.