Balldo is up for sale

The owner of the award winning Balldo and Viballdo brands is offering the business for sale. The sale of the business includes the e-commerce website, the educational site and US,UK and EU patent applications along with US,UK and Chinese trademarks.

I am sad to say that I have gone as far as I can with this great opportunity,” says Jerry Davies, CEO of Nadgerz Inc. “When our crowdfunder went viral during the pandemic, I had to quickly step in and set up an Ecom platform to capitalise on the massive interest. But I am essentially a wacky inventor and it quickly became apparent that I do not have the necessary business acumen nor financial resources to execute this fantastic opportunity in the way that it deserves and sadly the time has come to let others take the business forward.”

Also, I am very disconnected from the industry and I have learned that I lack the necessary ability and discipline in sales and networking to grow the company, which ultimately is doing this product a great disservice. I am more than confident that in the right hands it will fly for the remaining 17 years of the patent,” he adds.

In 2021 Balldo introduced the concept of using the balls for penetration to the masses, with its revolutionary cage and soft tip effectively giving guys a second penis and the ability to ‘ballgasm’. Balldo went viral with Jerry appearing on the Howard Stern Show and in many other high profile media outlets. Balldo is now perhaps the most notorious adult product on social media.

2023 saw the launch of the Viballdo, essentially a vibrating version of the Balldo with a more refined, better fitting cage.

We have many other revolutionary patented but non ball-penetrating products that are on the drawing board and I would be more than happy to support any buyer of the business to finalise these and bring these to market,’  Davies says. “Ultimately the buyer gets 17 years of patent protection for a multitude of products.’

Any potential buyer should also note the potential for the release of an FDA approved  Balldo derived medical product for the large ED market, ‘We have has a lot of interest from ED sufferers – it is obviously a gamechanger for them to be able to penetrate and get stimulated at the same time.’

I will be sad to leave the industry, I have met some great people over the years who will remain friends,” he says.

Interested parties should contact for further details.