Bathmate supports retail stores with 5000 face masks

Due to the current corona epidemic, the wearing of a face mask in public is recommended, in some countries it is even mandatory. Bathmate is now providing face masks to retailers to protect the staff in the stores. “We ordered the masks around a month ago, way before the UK government said we should be wearing masks, we thought that the wearing of face masks would become mandatory at some point so we decided to order some so we could give them to the adult stores to protect the people working in stores,” Tim Brown, Bathmate’s Brand Manager, explains. “The masks are multiple use and can be washed, they are 100% cotton, the elastic tape is 98% spandex, and 2% fiber. I have to say that for a face mask they are comfortable to wear”. 

The masks are free for Bathmate customers. The quantities ordered are not subject to any limit, but due to a limited stock, Bathmate asks for consideration so that as many retail stores as possible can be equipped with the masks. 

If you are interested, please contact: (for worldwide) f(or USA and UK)

bruno@bathmatedirect.con (for Italy) (for Russia)