Beate Uhse: New CEO appointed

Beate Uhse Aktiengesellschaft announced that Michael Specht (54) has been promoted to the Group’s Management Board with effect from 15 April 2017. Mr Specht will assume the vacant roles of Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer. He will be responsible for both the company management and the B2C (e-Commerce and Retail) and B2B (Wholesale) areas. Cornelis Vlasblom will continue to manage the Finance, IT, Legal and Human Resources areas as Chief Financial Officer.

Mr Specht has a degree in business management and more than 25 years’ experience in wholesale and retail companies. His previous roles include Managing Director of Foot Locker Germany, Global Head of Retail at PUMA, President EMEA of VANS & North Face, Member of the Management Board at L‘TUR and Vice President of STARBUCKS. With his expertise in restructuring and multi-channel strategies, and the change management skills he acquired during his time at Foot Locker Germany and STARBUCKS, he will accelerate the effective and continued implementation of Beate Uhse’s corporate and growth strategies.

Alongside this announcement of Mr Specht’s appointment to the Management Board, Beate Uhse Aktiengesellschaft also announced that the publication of its 2016 Annual Report is expected to be delayed until May 2017 in order to give the new board member sufficient time to approve it.
((Photo courtesy of Beate Uhse AG))