‘Because it’s your intimacy’ -pjur ‘Use Quality Lube’ campaign focuses on quality

Personal lubricants are used on the most intimate parts of the body and inside the body. It is therefore in consumers’ interests that all products are sufficiently tested. pjur’s ‘Use Quality Lube’ campaign draws attention to the high standards that pjur places on its products in order to be able to offer consumers consistently high quality. 

‘Use Quality Lube’ 

The campaign around the topic of intimacy and quality is aimed at people who are looking for compatible products with high-quality ingredients for themselves and their love lives. pjur has a wealth of experience in manufacturing intimate products and is therefore committed to ensuring more transparency, more safety and compliance with high quality standards in manufacturing. 

pjur Intimacy Box ‘You Deserve the Best’

Under the slogan ‘You Deserve the Best’, the pjur Intimacy Box, which will be released in a limited edition, combines two pjur Premium lubricants and a high-quality gift that is ideal for storing lub- ricants. ‘Nourish Yourself’ refers not only to the caring ingredients, but much more to the positive effects of a fulfilled sex life. The pjur Intimacy Boxes will be raffled off on the campaign page as part of the campaign, which starts in mid-January 2022. 

When it comes to your intimacy, you should only ever use the best 

The well-being of consumers is very important to pjur as a manufacturer of premium intimate products. pjur wants to provide consumers with options of personal lubricants that are compatible and also have the best quality and consistency. All pjur personal lubricants are medically certified and without perfume or taste. pjur also makes sure that any feedback given to them on incompatibility or problems using pjur products are always taken on board so that pjur products continue to be safe. 

pjur personal lubricants are medical devices 

All pjur personal lubricants are classified as medical devices in accordance with ISO standard 13485:2016. pjur is happy to be certified in order to always guarantee a personal lubricant quality with a uniform consistency that is perfectly tailored to consumers’ needs and gives peace of mind, leaving consumers free to enjoy sensual experiences and not worry about ingredients. Transparency is also an integral part of the pjur group: Only manufacturers of medical devices like the pjur group have to list and verify all ingredients and their compatibility. 

How to recognise medical devices at a glance:

1. CE mark, including the 4-digit number of the notified body 2. Marked as ‘Medical Device’

More information about the campaign: www.usequalitylube.com