Besharam successfully collaborates with ‘Terribly Tiny Tales’, partnered with Terribly Tiny Tales, India’s one of the largest online platforms, to narrate and lead conversations that have been taboo-ed in Indian culture. 

Boasting a readership of 12 million social media users and 1.2 million active subscribers, Terribly Tiny Tales has been a safe space for the Indian youth to explore their emotions and express themselves. Recently, the platform expanded to grow into a community that enables the young to make informed decisions about pleasure, safety, and relationship with self and others. Terribly Tiny Tales partnered with India’s top influencers like Dr. Tanaya, Leeza MangalDas, Avanti Nagral, Seema Anand, and Rytasha Rathore to initiate unsaid and crucial conversations for the youth. Whether it was about busting pleasure-related myths, exploring lenses of body dysmorphia, or simply providing more information to the curious teen questions- TTT aspired to do it all!

The persistent efforts of Terribly Tiny Tales to shoulder the sex-positive movement in India brought them into the crossroads with Besharam- India’s largest Sex+ brand successfully hoisting the business of bridging pleasure. The brand prides itself as one of the prime navigators of the pleasure market in India with its imaginative and distinctive campaigns like the Great Indian Sex Survey and Log Kya Kahenge that transformed the traditional perceptions of pleasure. Besharam won hearts for launching India’s first erotic podcast made by Indians for Indians- The Whispers in the Dark with SochCast. The brand identifies collaboration and partnership as one of its core values which led to the curation and launch of Taboo Talks with Terribly Tiny Tales. 

Besharam and Terribly Tiny Tales worked together to launch Season 2 of Taboo Talks to initiate stigmatized conversations around sex, pleasure, and sex toys. Avanti Nagral was the face of the campaign and was joined by Seema Anand, Author of The Arts of Seduction, for the Season Finale. While the premiere of Season 2 focused on building viewers’ understanding of sex toys, the upcoming episodes continued the dialogue around busting masturbation myths, throwing light on foreplay, and unveiling orgasm facts for the viewers. The season finale takes its viewers on a journey to understanding the origin of sex toys in India and around the globe with Seema Anand.

The series gained 15M+ views and engaged an audience of more than 2 million. See some of the top performing reels here: 6 Foreplay Suggestions, Types of Orgasms, What is Masturbation?