Biird wins 2022 European Product Design Award

Dutch pleasure product manufacturer Biird has added a European Product Design award (ePDa) to its palmares. The 2022 ePDa award is the 3rd product design award for Biird this year, having already taken home an iF Design and an A’ Design award.

This time, the award went to Biird’s latest product, Namii. Namii is an air pulsation clitoral stimulator made out of ultra squishy silicone which also features vibrations and comes with a wireless charging base that doubles as a mood light.

“We designed Namii with a lot of care for detail” says Evi Tjoanda, co-founder of Biird. “As with every product we design, the whole experience needs to be exactly right. That’s why we pay so much attention to every aspect of a pleasure product. The design, the touch of the materials, the emotions people experience, the build quality. We’re so glad to see that the jury of the ePDa awards noticed our holistic approach to design and decided to award us this fantastic honor.”

“Namii is built to be versatile, through both its air pulsations and vibration modes. We also wanted it to be able to be used hands free and achieved this by creating a shape that can be wedged between the thighs. This opens up a whole new way of experiencing pleasure as the hands are now free to explore the rest of the body”, Evi continued. ”And as people have become accustomed to from us, Namii comes with a wireless charging base that has a built-in mood light.”

“Winning this 3rd award in 2022 is something we’re extremely grateful for and we can’t wait to show you what’s coming next!”