Biird wins 2022 iF Design Award and A’ Design Award

Dutch pleasure product manufacturer Biird has won 2 of the most prestigious design awards – an iF Design and an A’ Design, acknowledging their continued dedication to outstanding product design and quality.

Biird’s winning product, Evii, is made out of ultra squishy medical-grade silicone and features 2 vibration motors, wireless charging and a charging base which doubles as a jewelry tray.

“Winning these two prestegious awards is really the crown on top of our hard work for the past 2 years” said co-founder Andrea Rey. “It’s such an honor to be in the midst of all these other great companies and really goes to show that focussing on design and quality pays off. Evii uses best in class materials and manufacturing techniques and this translates into an exceptional feel and look. Having worked in the pleasure toy industry for years before starting Biird, as a team we knew there was room for products which really paid attention to detail, focussed on the whole experience and deliver incredible pleasure.”
“We’ve focussed on making a product that is easy to approach for first time users. Evii is not only cute but through its design makes it versatile to use as well. Its two motors, one in the tip and one in the bottom, provide a wide range of vibrations, from very light to deep and rumbly and can be controlled through the easy to use frontal interface. We also aimed to make Evii a product you didn’t have to hide in a dark drawer but could proudly display on your nightstand. Evii is always fully charged when you need it thanks to the included charging base that doubles as a jewelry tray.”

Rey added, “Winning not one but two highly prestigious awards at the same time and for the same product still sounds somewhat surreal. When we started Biird we wanted to create products we could be proud of and that users would love and this shows that we’re on the right path. We’ve got some more super exciting products coming soon so definitely stay tuned and watch our space. We can’t wait to show you what’s next!”

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