Blush debuts ‘Blush U’ product training video series available to retailers worldwide

Blush is thrilled to announce the latest addition to their Blush University Retail Education Initiative: a monthly subscription series of Blush U product training videos. Along with the company’s newly launched Brand Ambassador Program and quarterly Lunch & Learn events, this exciting series makes it easy for retailers around the world to access consistent product training content from the convenience of a screen.

The Blush U Product Training Video Series is an opportunity for retailers to educate their employees about Blush’s products and learn helpful sales tools and tips to use in their stores.

Sign up is simple: retailers simply need to be subscribed to receive emails from Blush to receive near-monthly playlists of select product training videos. These videos will be distributed during months that do not feature a Blush U Lunch & Learn event.

Blush U is here to help retailers achieve their goals and keep staff motivated and informed,” Blush Sales Manager Nancy Cosimini said. “By providing them with this educational content, we hope to empower them to learn, grow, and be the best they can be while supporting Blush’s popular and in-demand brands. We love our retailers and are thrilled to offer them this level of support.”

Last month, Blush launched their Blush U Lunch & Learn program for retailers. The program consists of casual in-store lunchtime events featuring product samples for training, gifts, and goodies, as well as a playlist of training videos to play for their team during their Blush-sponsored lunch.

Retailers who are not already subscribed to emails from Blush and wish to receive this exciting content should contact a Blush sales rep or Act fast, the first playlists go out on April 12 and May 17!