Blush expands Aria Collection with colorful & youthful packaging revamp

Blush is thrilled to unveil an exciting new look for their bestselling Aria collection of affordable, luxurious vibrators. This colorful line boasts a whopping 10 waterproof, multi-speed silicone vibes in bright, rich colors and crowd-pleasing shapes. 

Aria’s new packaging features bold, eye-catching colors, and sturdy, high-quality, open-book style boxes emblazoned with each toy’s “AF” identity, plus crisp images that beautifully showcase the toys within. Each item also includes its own storage bag designed in a fun, groovy print.

The coordinated branding makes for beautifully cohesive in-store displays, and the transparent loop at the top of each box means Aria products are suitable for shelves, slatwalls, or a combination

The Aria collection features the following products:

  • Smokin’ AF G-Spot Coral 6-Inch Loop Handle Vibrator

  • Naughty AF G-Spot Plum 7.25-Inch Vibrator

  • Flirty AF G-Spot Teal 6.5-Inch Loop Handle Vibrator

  • Exciting AF G-Spot Blue 6.25-Inch Loop Handle Vibrator

  • Amazing AF Fuchsia 6.25-Inch Loop Handle Vibrator

  • Sensual AF Teal 3.25-Inch Finger Fin Vibrator

  • Luscious AF G-Spot Teal 7-Inch Vibrator

  • Erotic AF Curved Plum 3.25-Inch Vibrating Rechargeable Mini Vibrator

  • Epic AF Curved Fuchsia 3.5-Inch Vibrator

  • Bangin’ AF G-Spot Purple 7.25-Inch Vibrator

Smokin AF, Naughty AF, Amazing AF, Exciting AF, and Flirty AF feature a larger, heavier motor equipped with features that improve vibration capability and provide a rumblier, less buzzy vibration for enhanced pleasure!

“Shoppers already loved the Aria collection and these new offerings bring a fresh, colorful look to the sales floor,” Blush Novelties Sales Manager Nancy Cosimini said. “With its youthful, spirited packaging ‘facelift,’ the line’s audience will grow even more. Younger shoppers deserve fun, high-quality toys and we love that with Aria, shoppers can have it all: powerful products packed with features that look and feel young and fun, all with a budget-friendly price tag!

All items in the Aria collection are made with pure platinum-cured Puria™ silicone, fully submersible IPX7 waterproofing, and Blush’s Ultrasilk® smooth feel. Luscious AF, Bangin’ AF, Epic AF, Erotic AF, and Sensual AF feature Magna Charge™ USB charging; and Smokin AF, Naughty AF, Amazing AF, Exciting AF, and Flirty AF are AAA-battery operated.