Brochure “Lovetoy Collections” from ORION Wholesale now available

A new, brand-neutral brochure, which can be given to customers, is now available from ORION Wholesale. The 16 page “Lovetoy Collections” brochure is in an A5 (landscape) size and presents the latest products from the labels Joymatic, Lust, Jülie, Close2you, Vibe Couture, PURE Lilac Vibes, Power Vibe Collection, Rebel and Javida.

There is a short description of each product in German and English and small icons showing their features. The brochure is without prices and there is a space at the back of the brochure for the retailer’s stamp/logo.

The brochures are available in packs of 50 (item number 09084600000) – only while stocks last.

In addition to this, ORION Wholesale can also offer its customers a variety of different brand-neutral catalogues and brochures that can be given to their own customers. A brochure for the best-selling label Cottelli Collection plus is also available as well. There are large pictures of the products inside the brochure but no text and no recommended retail prices. The brochures are available in packs of 25 (item number 09080370000) – only while stocks last.