CalExotics and partners celebrate sexuality and pleasure with community event

CalExotics joined resident sexologist Dr. Jill McDevitt and student-run organization the Feminist Outreach Association, to celebrate sexuality and pleasure with a free community event.

During the event, appropriately named Free Vibrator Day, the groups gave 500 vibrators to students and community members on the San Diego State University (SDSU) campus. The event aimed to destigmatize masturbation by promoting pleasure and body positivity.

Hundreds of students and community members lined up to take part in the event. Nichole Grossmann, Director of Marketing for CalExotics, says, “Seeing so many people lined up for a free vibrator is a testament to the work we are doing. The goal of this event is to help reduce the shame and stigma around sex, masturbation and pleasure products, and I believe we did that and so much more!”

During the event, Dr. Jill talked about the importance of normalizing masturbation. “Masturbation is normal, healthy and fun,” states Dr. Jill. “With open and honest communication, and vibrators, we can help reduce the stigma around masturbation, especially for people with vulvas and vaginas.”

In addition to events like Free Vibrator Day, CalExotics and Dr. Jill continue to celebrate sexuality and pleasure with fun and educational resources, including entertaining videos.

“At the core of CalExotics, is a mission to enhance the pleasure in people’s lives. With the help of Dr. Jill and the Feminist Outreach Association, Free Vibrator Day enhances that mission and helps us work towards a world that is more open and accepting,” adds Grossmann.

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