Warranty Symbol by CalExotics

CalExotics changes warranty policy

CalExotics introduces a new warranty policy with no fees and quick returns. The company wants to make the return process simple and convenient with just three steps:

  1. register
  2. package product and receipt
  3. ship it to CalExotics

Once received, CalExotics will supply a brand new item within two weeks, along with a gift as an apology for the inconvenience. CalExotics expands its traditional 30-day warranty to a 90-day warranty. Also, a one-year warranty will be offered for the following collections; Mini Marvels Silhouette, Embrace, Inspire, Luxe, and Vivid Raw.

Jackie White, Executive Vice President of CalExotics, says, “Purchasing a pleasure product is an investment in yourself or your relationship. It’s important to be confident when making that purchase, and while we hope that we never have cause for someone to use the warranty, it is there for peace of mind.”