Chakrubs founder Vanessa Cuccia pens Spiritual Sex Guide to Pleasure & Healing

Vanessa Cuccia, founder of Chakrubs, has published her first book, Crystal Healing & Sacred Pleasure. Cuccia’s book is both a self-development memoir and guide to spiritual sexual empowerment, focusing on awakening your sensual energy using crystals, healing rituals, and the chakra energy system.

“Crystal Healing & Sacred Pleasure is a book that addresses the chakra system as a road map for self-discovery,” says Cuccia. “Using crystals as support systems and energy amplifiers along with self-love practices, this book encourages gentle yet profound erotic spiritually.”

Throughout the book, Cuccia guides readers as they discover sexual enlightenment through ancient spiritual ideals, all with a modern, relatable message for seekers of all generations.

“We go through each of the chakras and look at how they affect your life with a focus on your sensuality,” says Cuccia. “I’ve provided many exercises for self-love dedicated to each of the chakras, all with the use of crystals as support systems and energetic enhancers.”

Chakrubs crystal pleasure products, which include striking rose quartz wands and amethyst yoni eggs, go hand-in-hand with the book’s gentle, natural methods for reawakening your sexual energy or healing from past trauma.

“When I began Chakrubs, it was because I was creating the types of products I desired for myself to experience crystal healing through sexual exploration,” says Cuccia, “This book is similar, as I include many practices for self-love that have helped me through the years, but this time it was the feedback from my customers that curated this work.”

According to Cuccia, Chakrubs’ fans often wrote to her, asking for advice on how to “explore more of the world of energy and crystals, sexuality and self-pleasure, and emotional awareness and spiritual attunement.”

“It’s essential to acknowledge crystals for their ability to initiate us on a path of spiritual eroticism. If you have been looking for a way to deepen your connection with crystals, sensuality, and yourself – this book is for you,” concludes Cuccia.

Crystal Healing & Sacred Pleasure is available for pre-order by visiting, with orders shipping in early June 2018. Email for more information.