clean’n’safe is effective against corona viruses

According to JOYDIVISON their product clean’n’safe has proven its worth in the current situation of the Corona Pandemic. clean’n’safe is a solution for surface disinfection in the fight against the corona virus. To convey this information in the best possible way, the JOYDIVISION international AG provides an extensive download area in the business lounge. At, extensive marketing material is now available for download.

clean’n’safe from JOYDIVISION is effective against corona virus. clean’n’safe cleans and disinfects in only 60 seconds. Specially coordinated ingredients ensure hygienic safety and care with mild strength and without alcohol. clean’n’safe is effective against bacteria (e.g. chlamydia), herpes, fungi and viruses (e.g. AIDS-causing HIV and corona virus) including HBV, HCV, noro- and rotaviruses. After just one minute clean’n’safe has a disinfecting effect and is gentle on even sensitive surfaces such as acrylic or polycarbonate glass. clean’n’safe leaves no visible residues, is effective quickly and has a pleasant smell.