Cobeco’s Big Boy Range

Cobeco’s Big Boy line has proven its success over the years with its signature black and gold packaging and 4 products designed to optimize the sexual pleasure. The Big Boy Golden Delay Gel and the Big Boy Golden Erect Cream are the two smear able products in this range. The Big Boy Golden Delay Gel helps to delay the moment of ejaculation and has a calming effect on the most sensitive parts of the penis. This results in that the climax is postponed, creating long-lasting and pleasurable sexual intercourse. The Big Boy Golden Erect Cream, on the other hand, is a unique cream, based on Ginkgo Biloba and other natural plant extracts, which provides a better blood flow and therefore has a positive effect on the erection. The nourishing properties of the cream improve the flexibility of the skin and support a sustained erection.

Furthermore, the line contains two unique supplements, that both take special care of the penis in their own way. The unique Big Boy Golden XXL tablets contain a balanced composition of ingredients specifically selected as they help contribute to increase potency and libido. Besides that, Big Boy Golden XXL also contains several other active ingredients that have a positive effect on the overall blood circulation, resulting in more power and more lust. Last but not least, the unique formula of the Big Boy Golden Erect caps have been developed based on natural extracts, which improve the blood flow to the male genitals and supports an erection. Ingredients such as Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Powder and Panax Ginseng support the body with extra energy and increases the sexual endurance.

All the products come in a convenient easy-to-use container, and all products of the Big Boy Range are available at regular wholesalers.