Cobeco’s food supplements notified in Spain – available at Dreamlove

Cobeco Pharma has partnered up with Dreamlove to bring Cobeco’s top-selling food supplements to the Spanish market. A total of 14 food supplements have been successfully notified to the Spanish authorities with notification number VH5DPD7LQ229R2L598X3VSY3ADX8GA. Thanks to the notification, the food supplements of Cobeco Pharma are available to buy in Spain at Dreamlove.

The Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality requires foreign companies to notify any food supplement to the Spanish Agency of Consumption and Food Safety (AECOSAN) before it can be sold on the Spanish market. This includes that the product must adhere to the general criteria of labelling, presentation and advertising of food supplements.

Cobeco Pharma has made a diverse range of food supplements available at Dreamlove for Spanish customers. The various products focus on the physical and mental health, proper function of the sexual organs, the energy-yielding metabolism and more. Each supplement contains high-quality ingredients, including vitamins, minerals and herbals. 

The complete product list of notified food supplements:

  • 22 Days Penis Extension
  • Big Boy Golden XXL
  • Cantha S-Drops
  • CoolMann Cum Enhancer
  • CoolMann Male Potency
  • CoolMann TestoBoost
  • Kobra
  • Penis+ Erect
  • Perfect Performer Direct
  • Rock Hard
  • Testos Drops S-Drops
  • Venicon For Men
  • Venicon For Woman
  • Viper

The Cobeco Pharma food supplements are now available for Spanish customers at Dreamlove.