Cobeco’s MALE range consists out of 20 different products

When Cobeco first launched their MALE range, their purpose for this range was very clear. The goal was to create a complete line of lubricants for men of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and sexual preferences. Therefore, when the line originally launched, the range consisted out of different types of special lubricants, that could be used for different purposes and different sexy situations. Specialty lubricants such as a MALE Cobeco White lube, which has a natural white colour that simulates real sperm. It therefore does not distract from the real intimate moments.

A premium for the MALE range was also the addition of the MALE Cobeco Powder lubricant, which is a unique powder, that after the addition of water – either cold or warm water – can be used as an intimate massage gel, with the perfect consistency, just as you like it.

As the special lubricants in the MALE range were received very well in the market, because they answered a special demand on the lubricant market, the request for more products with the same philosophy aroused.  It didn’t took Cobeco too long to add other products in this range.

Where the range not only got expanded by adding a smaller 150ml size of already successful lubricants, Cobeco also added other products such as different varieties of delay sprays. Cause next  to the MALE Cobeco delay spray, Cobeco also offers a warming delay spray and a cooling delay spray. This to be able to offer  different feeling experienceS when using one of the MALE delay sprays.

Cobeco had a lot of requests from the market that they wanted products “on the go” – which could be used in any situation and which enabled people to be prepared for lovemaking anywhere. Cobeco therefor created products in an easy, handy sachets, which discretely could be taken anywhere. A cleaning wipe, an sachet containing erection cream and a delay spray wipe were born into the MALE line, all created with the original users of the MALE range in mind.  

Gradually throughout the years, and after proving its own success time after time, more products with the same philosophy where added to the MALE range.

Today, the MALE range consists out of 20 different products, each of them having their own special power, but all of them with the recognizable masculine appearance and the same philosophy to answer to everybody despite differences in backgrounds, ages or sexual preferences.