Mystim Facility

Mystim builds new facilities

While Mystim GmbH still has its headquarters in Mömbris, Bavaria, at the moment, a new base of operations is now being built in Alzenau. Launched in 2005, Mystim has found success as a manufacturer of high-quality adult products. On March 16, 2016, construction of the new headquarters began with a symbolic turn of the sod on the 7,000 square metre plot. The ceremony was attended by Mystim junior director Louis Hofmann, Dr. Alexander Legler, the mayor of Alzenau, and Werner Fries from construction management.

More space, better traffic connection, and a new, inviting working environment – those are the main reasons for moving the company to new premises, as Christoph Hofmann, the CEO of Mystim GmbH, explains. “Ever since the company was started in 2005, we have grown continuously, and today, we are a market leader in our segment – so it was simply time to create the right foundation for our future growth. And the new headquarters in Alzenau is the perfect place.”

The company has its own warehouse in the US and distribution partners all over the world, supplying them not only with electronical stimulation devices and the toys to go along with them, but also with vibrators, dildos, and massage candles. The main focus is on quality design and appealing marketing, Hofmann stresses. Ever expanding, Mystim currently has 20 employees who are already looking forward to working in the new 2-storey admin building, where administration, distribution, product development, and marketing will be accommodated on 500m², along with social facilities and a big terrace for sunny lunch breaks. 1,250 square metres will be dedicated to the production and storage of the 150 existing sex toy models and all upcoming innovations that will be shipped from here to bedrooms all over the world. But it is not just the additional space that has led the company management to take this step; they also want to minimise the environmental footprint of Mystim. The latest technology will be used in the construction of the new headquarters to make sure that most of the required energy is produced via a photovoltaic system and stored for the hours after sunset.

“With today’s first cut of the spade, we usher in an exciting new phase,” says Hofmann. “We are already looking forward to our new headquarters.” He was also very happy about the hearty welcome and great support from representatives of the town of Alzenau, most notably mayor Dr. Alexander Legler, who even brought a cake in the shape of the company logo to the ground breaking ceremony. “That was a great surprise. It makes us really confident about our future here”, Hofmann adds with a smile.