Crowdfunding Campaign for BKK Cybersex Cup

BKK Sextoy has come up with a sex toy that combines virtual reality and motion-sensing technology. The key components of the product are a motion-sensing masturbation cup, a VR helmet and a mobile application that works with both. The manufacturer believes that this sex equipment will change the way solo male pleasure is delivered and received.
Functionally speaking, BKK Cybersex Cup comprises of a built in motion sensor capable of simulating the movement and transmission of the action via Bluetooth to any Smartphone that runs the 3D girlfriend app. As a result of this, each stroke of the user is shared with his favorite cyberbabe in the mobile porn game app on his phone. The BKK VR Helmet maintains constant communication with the Smartphone of the users. The Smartphone can be put into the helmet after the app is launched and switched to the VR mode. This helmet is compatible with almost all popular handsets.
The manufacturer claims, that the mobile application developed by BKK Sextoy is the first ever 3D porn game created for Smartphones. With this app, all users will be able to customize their own 3D girlfriend based on their body, skin tone, hairstyle and the outfit. Users also have the freedom of putting their 3D girlfriends wherever they want and get them into any desired position.
After several rounds of designing and testing, BKK Sextoy is all set to introduce BKK Cybersex Cup. Their plan is to start mass production of this product from December, 2015. However, they have a funding requirement of $70,000 before the production starts.
To find out more about BKK Cybersex Cup’s Indiegogo campaign, please visit The website of BKK Sextoy is