Discounts and virtual ‘coffee meetings’ at Tonga from 11 to 18 October

Earlier this year Tonga’s management decided: Whether or not eroFame takes place, they will meet their customers and give them a wonderful eroFame discount of 10%! “We made all arrangements for eroFame 2021 and hoped this year it would take place as planned. At Tonga we always love to meet our customers and show them our new products and discuss business with them. But alas, eroFame has been cancelled as we all know… “, the company says. “For a moment we considered organizing group Zoom meetings as a replacement, like we did during our MasterClass last June. But we figured that there are already pretty much online meetings this time of the year, and that most buyers might be rather busy with those.” As an alternative, they decided to make their sales representatives available for their customers. From October 11th through 18th customers can meet Tonga’s sales representatives online and/or profit from an additional 10% discount on all orders. The sales reps will not travel during this week and are happily looking forward to scheduling virtual meetings with those who are interested. They would love to enjoy a virtual cup of coffee together with anyone near or far, to offer a listening ear and share information about the products Tonga will launch this autumn. Those ‘coffee meetings’ will be one-on-one meetings, just the customer alone with the sales rep. So there will be plenty of time and attention for all specific questions customers may have. Anyone interested in a personal zoom meeting with their sales rep, please get in touch with Tonga so they can book a Zoom meeting at a moment that is convenient for you.