Doc Johnson products featured in new Goop gift guide

Doc Johnson was one of many manufacturers featured in Goop’s latest gift guide, published today on the Goop website, called “Sex Toys (and More) for Every Type”. Goop is a website founded by actress Gwneth Paltrow in 2008. It has evolved into a fully formed lifestyle site, offering content and product recommendations.

The gift guide, curated to target all different types of pleasure seekers, includes two Doc Johnson products: the TRYST Multi-Erogenous Silicone Massager, and the WonderLand White Wabbit 10 Function Silicone Massager.

“In order to achieve and maintain success in today’s quickly evolving digital environment, we have learned the importance of collaborating with brands like Goop, that have distinct voices and loyal, engaged audiences,” said Doc Johnson VP of Sales and Marketing Scott Watkins. “The ability to enhance our retail and distributor partners’ marketing mix with recommendations that drive sales and new customers, both in the short-term and even long after a story is published, has been tremendous.”