Doc Johnson remerchandises Lion’s Den Las Vegas

Doc Johnson recently collaborated with Lion’s Den Las Vegas to create two new custom ‘Kink by Doc Johnson’ displays, consisting of a window display, and an immersive in-store lifestyle display.

Filled with a variety of ‘Kink by Doc Johnson’ products, the in-store lifestyle display offers an innovative shopping experience that allows customers to discover, pick up and interact with, and learn about various items in the popular collection which they can then purchase in store.

The two window displays are highly visually impactful, featuring Kink-styled mannequins, with two female mannequins in one window, and a male mannequin in the other window, light-up signs with Kink’s signature red “K”, a dungeon-style chain backdrop, and the Kink by Doc Johnson tagline: “GEAR YOU CAN TRUST”

“This collaboration with Lion’s Den has given Doc Johnson an opportunity to make a truly interactive display for their customers,” said Kerin De Francis, Doc Johnson’s Director of Sales. “Once entering the store, you can’t help but gravitate to the Kink section and pick up one of the many testers to consider something fun for play time. This display welcomes experienced and novice customers alike to enjoy, ask questions, and see everything Lion’s Den, Kink, and Doc Johnson has to offer. We thank them for welcoming us in, and helping us create this experience.”

“We were very excited for the opportunity to collaborate with Doc Johnson on this project and the results are far beyond our expectations,” said Danny Gibson, from Lion’s Den’s Purchasing and Merchandising department. “We’re extremely grateful for all of the creativity, hard work and expertise Kerin De Francis and the Doc Johnson team have given us, from the design concept to the execution. We believe it’s important for retail spaces to offer truly immersive experiences these days— and we know our customers will enjoy it! The Kink line makes perfect sense for us. due to the wide product range which allows anyone to play around as light or heavy as they choose based on their comfort level and different levels of experience in the fetish world.”