Doc Johnson’s iWand Gets Write Up in Glamour

Doc Johnson’s new warming vibrator, the iVibe Select iWand, was the sole subject of a new Glamour article entitled, “With This Warming Vibrator, Winter Won’t Be the Only Thing Coming”. The article, published last week, on November 21st 2017, was penned by journalist Sophie Saint Thomas.

Describing her experience with Doc Johnson’s iWand, Saint Thomas writes: “To say that I love this warming vibrator would not paint the full picture. After it made me orgasm, I wanted to snuggle up to the Doc Johnson iVibe Select iWand and slip into a beautiful slumber. Had this take on the wand vibrator finally made me understand why some people fall in love with inanimate objects?”

Doc Johnson’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Scott Watkins, said, “Glamour is one of the most popular publications in the world, and a trusted name for women and couples looking to heat up their sex lives. The regular press coverage that our iVibe Select vibes have been receiving (including multiple inclusions in Cosmopolitan and Glamour) have exponentially increased our website traffic—and retailers should prepare for increased demand of our newest iVibe Select vibrators as this especially viral-worthy article continues to gain traction leading up to the holiday (and Valentine’s Day) season.”

Click here to read the full article, “With This Warming Vibrator, Winter Won’t Be the Only Thing Coming,” on the Glamour website.