EAN and eLine magazines October 2016

EAN & eLine Relaunched

Dear reader,

When you pick up the new issue of our magazine next week – maybe even at eroFame -, we are sure the first thing you will notice is the new format of the latest eLine and EAN. Every month, we do our best to prove that we are “Europe’s first choice for the erotic trade” by delivering quality content, and with this re-launch, we are now adding a new look

The adult business is changing every day: New products are introduced, career decisions are made, strategies and procedures are updated. To assure that our readers are always up to date on the latest developments in the industry, we talk to dozens of experts for each issue, and we peek behind the scenes of the global players and up-and-coming companies. And with the new, clear design, it is now even easier for you to keep up with the changes in the market.

We invite you to see for yourself which qualities we aim for on the 200+ pages of our latest issue. ”Never has the market for erotic lifestyle products been more professional and classy as it is today.“ says publishing director Wieland Hofmeister, adding: ”We want to live up to the standards of this market with our trade magazines – with editorial content that keeps you up to date on all the important developments in our industry, but also with great (paper) quality and a modern look.”

EAN and eLine will continue to be what they have already been for years: the best source of information for trade members, manufacturers, and anybody else who is doing business in the adult industry. The editorial staff is also more than happy with the new design. “We stay abreast of the developments in the adult market with news, in-depth articles, and interviews,” says editor-in-chief Matthias Poehl. “And the new look complements our content in a wonderful way.”

Kind regards
The EAN / eLine editorial team