EasyToys secures prestigious ‘Groninger Business Award’

EasyToys, a leading player in the adult products industry and a member of the EQOM Group, which also encompasses wholesale companies ONE-DC and Eropartner, has been named the winner of the Groninger Business Award 2023. The announcement was made on Thursday evening, December 1st at Martiniplaza in Groningen, marking the 25th edition of the award ceremony.

Competing with two other prominent online businesses, OnlineVeilingmeester.nl and Wovar, both based in the city of Groningen, EasyToys emerged victorious.

Eric Idema, the CEO of EasyToys, was presented with the award by the Commissioner of the King, René Paas. Idema expressed his gratitude, stating, “This award is a significant achievement for the EasyToys brand and a tribute to the entire team. It’s not just about the company; it’s about the people who contribute to its growth and success every day. Our employees are our most valuable asset.”

Reflecting on the company’s mission, Idema added, “Earlier this year, during the jury’s visit, we had the opportunity to showcase what our company stands for. We are more than just a retailer of adult products. EasyToys is on a mission to break taboos and consistently highlight the importance of sexual health. We convey this message both online and in physical retail spaces, as evidenced by our collaborations with retailers throughout Europe. Furthermore, this month, EasyToys will open its first physical store in the center of Groningen.”


About the Groninger Business Award:

The Stichting Groninger Business Award aims to stimulate the Groningen economy by recognizing excellent and inspiring businesses and providing a relevant network. Henk van Emmens, the chairman of the jury and provincial deputy, expressed his admiration for the finalists, stating, “It’s remarkable to see that the people behind these companies, no matter how large and international their operations may be, have remained true to their Groningen roots.”