Eco-friendly sex toy brand wants you to plant trees instead of sending cards this Valentine’s Day

Eco-Friendly Sex Toy Brand, Love Not War is urging the public to ‘Think About the Trees’ this Valentine’s Day. The sustainable sex toy innovator, Love Not War, has teamed up with fellow Brit, renowned body-positive illustrator Charlotte Wilcox, to develop a range of free eco-friendly e-cards in a bid to reduce the 8000 trees that are cut down every year to supply the British public’s demand for physical Valentine’s Day cards. Love Not War will also plant a tree for every product sold on their website to help address the deficit caused by the holiday.

Love Not War is a big fan of declarations of love but wants to help consumers celebrate their love in more environmentally friendly yet sexy ways. They will be providing limited-edition downloadable Valentine’s Day e-cards completely free of charge to anyone who would like one and will plant a tree, via One Tree Planted, for every sex toy sold on their website.

The up-and-coming pleasure brand is leading the charge towards ‘greener’ consumer habits and since its launch, in April last year, Love Not War, is fast becoming a cult classic. Its efforts have been recognised with nominations for a prestigious 2022 Green Product Award and also ‘Progressive Sex Toy Company’, ‘New Pleasure Company of the Year’ and ‘Luxury Pleasure Product: Gra” at the XBiz 2022 Awards..

Co-Founder and CEO of Love Not War, Will Ranscombe says: “Valentine’s Day is one of the most widely celebrated holidays, where more than 124 million adults across the globe exchange gifts, cards, chocolates and even sex toys. And we love the idea of a day to declare our love to each other. We could do with more positive days like this. But all this gifting generates something we don’t love, more carbon emissions than driving around the world 3,993 times. Last year more than 8000 trees were cut down to make the 25 million Valentine’s Day cards that were sent out across the UK. The USA sent out 125 million cards last year. That’s a lot of trees. This Valentine’s day we’re offering an eco-friendly alternative to the usual valentine’s day card but more importantly, we’re working to replenish the trees. At Love Not War, we have sustainability at our core and we recognise that Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday, a day to reconnect with our loved ones, but we’re asking the British public to reconnect with the planet too, to think about the trees.”

Illustrator and campaign partner, Charlotte Willcox said: “Love Not War is a breath of fresh air to not just the sex toy industry but to the consumer sector and I feel excited knowing that my art could help people to begin to live more sustainably. The simple act of switching to an e-card instead of a physical card can have such a big impact on the planet. This can be the first small step towards changing our consumer habits and starting a lifelong journey towards more sustainable living.”

Ashley Lamontagne, Forest Campaign Manager at One Tree Planted added: “At One Tree Planted we love the earth, and it is our goal to help the environment through reforestation initiatives across the globe. We are grateful for the support of like minded organizations like Love Not War, and are excited about the great reforestation work we will do as a result of their Valentine’s campaign and beyond. We both have the same goal, to foster a healthier planet, and we look forward to bringing that to fruition.”

Sustainability expert and CEO of Fifty Shades Greener, Raquel Noboa says: “Deforestation accounts for ten percent of annual carbon dioxide emissions globally. This is around three times as much as global aviation emissions and the card industry is a big and unnecessary contributor to this. The USA alone spends an average of $27million on Valentine’s Day gifts every year; If this money was spent on planting trees rather than buying gifts, we’d be a lot further in our journey to reducing carbon emissions.”

Love Not War creates well-designed eco-friendly vibrators. With currently seven products available, Love Not War creates products using FDA-grade silicone and predominantly recycled and recyclable materials including aluminium. All Love Not War products also come with one interchangeable battery base that is compatible with the brand’s detachable heads, allowing you to have multiple toys in one and reducing the amount of lithium-ion batteries that are used in sex toys. They have thought about every detail, right down to the soy ink used on their FSC card packaging.