EDC Retail biggest online sex toy retailer in Europe after taking over Beate Uhse

EDC, the company behind EasyToys.nl, and the largest secured creditor of Pabo 4.0 agreed to the acquisition of the e-commerce activities of the Beate Uhse Group out of the bankruptcy of Pabo 4.0. Through the planned acquisition, EDC will become one of the biggest online adult toy retailers in Europe. With more than 100,000 visitors a day and a range of 14,000 erotic articles, EasyToys.nl is already the biggest webshop in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Under the terms of the acquisition, the joint venture of EDC will operate all of the Beate Uhse webshops Pabo.nl, Pabo.be, Beate-Uhse.com and AdametEve.fr with immediate effect.

The demand for adult toys has increased enormously in recent years, EDC had an annual turnover of more than 21 million Euros in 2018 with an average growth rate of almost 300% in recent years. With the advent of the internet, consumers can discreetly shop for adult toys and have the package delivered anonymously to their homes. Online shopping is increasing in popularity, the online purchases of European webshops have increased by an average of 15% in recent years.

Beate Uhse Group is the erotic specialist in Europe with the largest online platform for erotic articles with an extensive range of 30,000 products. For 28 years, the company has built a leading position in the erotic industry through its webshops Pabo.nl in the Netherlands, Beate-Uhse.com in Germany and AdametEve.fr in France. 

EDC is the company behind EasyToys.nl, the biggest webshop in the Netherlands and Belgium with more than 14,000 erotic articles. The company is based in Veendam with a central warehouse and over 140 employees. In addition to EasyToys.nl, EDC manages several webshops with erotic articles. The company also produces various own brands and delivers to other webshops, distributors and retail shops worldwide.

Eric Idema, owner, and director of EDC: “Within EDC we have experienced tremendous growth in recent years, as a result of which we have invested in the structures to allow for international expansion. We are particularly pleased with the acquisition of the e-commerce activities of Beate Uhse. This is a powerful brand in Europe with a large market share, particularly in France and Germany. The infrastructure and logistics process of EDC are set up highly efficiently, which means that we think we can offer the company a bright future with us and let it grow further. Within 3 years we expect to realize a turnover of 50 million on an annual basis with the new company structure.”

The transaction is expected to be completed later this month.