EDC Wholesale announced new advent calendar design

EDC Wholesale revealed a teaser video this week on its social media channel to announce the launch of the 2019 Advent Calendar edition. According to the teaser, the new calendar will have a black and gold theme with a different design from last years edition and contains 24 new high-end gifts.

EDC Wholesale introduced its first Naughty & Nice Advent Calendar at the 2018 erofame trade show, and with great success. “The first edition with a 24-day countdown till Christmas was sold out in no-time,” said Evertine Visser, Marketing Manager at EDC Wholesale. This year we designed a limited edition with a Black and Gold theme. We give a sneak preview of the Advent Calendar’s new theme and design in the teaser video.”

The video shows a part of a black and gold marble and a turquoise paint-like design. The music builds up to a certain level of excitement that makes you want for more. The video ends with a sil-houette shot of the Advent Calendar and the message that the official launch will be on June 3rd.

“It’s like opening up a cookie jar, that closes right before you get the chance to grab a cookie, conti-nued Evertine. “We will reveal the new design on June 3rd, and from that day the new 2019 Advent Calendar is available for pre-order at EDC Wholesale.”