EDC Wholesale announced winner of show your shop contest

EDC Wholesale announced Kazanova shop to be the winner of the ‘show your Christmas shop’ contest. Customers were challenged to showcase house brands from the Dutch wholesaler in their Christmas presentation and to share the images on social media. Many retailers showed their creativity for which they were automatically in the run for the big prize. Kazanova shop from Russia created the best Christmas hotspot, according to the wholesaler, which contained products from the EDC Wholesale house brand collection.

“With the idea to inspire each other, we have introduced the ‘Show your Shop’ contest.” Said Evertine Visser, Marketing Manager at EDC Wholesale. “We have asked customers to post their shop presentations on Instagram and share it with us and other retailers. We were blown away about the amount of effort everyone has put into their shop presentation around that time of year and we are pleased to announce that Kazanova shop from Russia is the lucky winner of the contest.”

Nadezhda Aleksandrova, Marketing Manager at Kazanova shop responded excited about winning the prize of € 1.000 to spend at EDC Wholesale: “We are very glad to win this prize. After all, we announced the EDC Wholesale brands as our festive New Year’s collection. To be winning this prize will remind us of the New Year and charge us with the mood of the holiday season.”

The Kazanova sexshop company has been around for over 26 years, with 15 stores in Siberian cities: Novosibirsk, Novokuznetsk, and Prokopyevsk. Besides brick and mortar shops, Kasanova also offers its products online. The founder of the company is Inna Sosnina, a professional sexologist. Her team of managers, sellers, sexologists, and psychologists are united by the desire to give people joy and sexual health.