EDC Wholesale announces winner of ‘Exotiq show your shop contest’

EDC Wholesale announces JBD APPRO from Paradise Boutik stores to be the lucky winner of the ‘Exotiq show your shop contest’. The wholesaler asked customers to create a special area in their shop to promote the massage collection from Exotiq in the most exotic way and to share images of the presentation on social media.

“We were excited to see how many customers shared their images on Instagram and really took the effort to create a theme area where the tropical massage items from Exotic flourished”, said Evertine Visser, Marketing Manager at EDC Wholesale. “Everyone’s effort is highly appreciated and special in each unique way. But the presentation from JBD APPRO was truly outstanding, because they created the promotional flyers themselves, used props in the tropical theme and created a beautiful presentation right at the shop entrance.”

JDB APPRO is a chain of 6 Paradise Boutik stores in the south of France (Perpignan, Montpellier, Beziers, Cannes, Cap d’Agde, and Toulon). “We are very happy to win the contest”, said Fabien Lecot, purchaser at JBD APPRO. “We created a space related to the Exotiq brand to be able to highlight the brand and have better visibility for customers, which helped increase our sales. We also highlighted Exotiq on our website’s homepage and sent out a news blast to our customers to create brand awareness for this new brand in our shop. The customers responded highly positive to the brand. They loved the packaging of the products, which is very esthetic, unlike other brands which attract the eyes of customers. The quality of the products is also very good, the different scents, the variety of products and the great pricing were praised.”

The massage collection from Exotiq offers a beautifully designed packaging with a mainstream look and feel, which makes it accessible to many different types of shops. The boxes and bottles are elegant with a tropical design and appealing names for every scent, like ‘Sensual Cherry’, ‘Soothing Jasmine’ and Bamboo Orchids’. The collection offers aromatic, kissable and neutral massage oils, Nuru gel, milk and massage candles with a comfortable melting point at 45 degrees Celsius.